Rodeo Beach and a Proposal!
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Andrew and I went to Oakland to visit his family for Thanksgiving. Being back in California was pure elation for me. The sun, the ocean, the blue sky, the delicious/healthy food, the kind people, the diversity– all of it was just perfect.

Thanksgiving morning, we wanted to go on a hike before a big lunch with family. He and his mom were meticulously planning where we should go — which I found a little strange but didn’t think much of it. We walked on the beach for a bit then began our short hike up the mountain. 

Andrew and I had already begun planning a wedding. We’ve been best friends for 12 years and dating for about one year at this point. I had been looking for a ring but was struggling to find something unique and ethically sourced. So I hadn’t actually thought a proposal was in the cards during this trip. 

So we reach the top and the view was breathtaking–there was even a rainbow in the distance. I sarcastically said to him, “this would be the perfect place for a proposal!” Andrew just rolled his eyes and hugged me. Next thing I know, this wonderful idiot was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was so confused by where the ring came from and how he had been so sneaky! The ring was given to him by his mom [hence the meticulous planning of the hike because she knew how important it was!] and is so beautiful! 

And of course I said yes!

Can you spot the rainbow?
The lucky man who gets to put up with me for LIFE 🙂 
Fort Cronkhite, an old military post at the edge of the Pacific Ocean at the Rodeo Lagoon.
Lake Merritt in Oakland was also stunning. I only took this one decent shot of our time there!